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What Does Your CIBIL Report Say About You?

The most important factor of a CIBIL report is, of course, your CIBIL score. More and more credit lending institutions are relying on the CIBIL score to gauge an individual’s eligibility for loans and other credit applications. Your CIBIL report, however, goes beyond providing just your Credit Score. Going through your CIBIL report regularly will keep you updated about your credit exposure.

5 Simple Rules To Improve A Bad CIBIL Score

The first criterion that determines your eligibility for any kind of loan is your Credit Score. Given that your CIBIL score is the first and major deciding factor that helps get your loan application processed, it is very important to understand the factors that affect your score and take steps accordingly to improve it if it is below expectation. Read on to know how to improve a bad CIBIL score.

How Your CIBIL Score Affects Your Car Loan

Amit had a frown on his face as he compared the features of the Maruti Swift’s different models with the Hyundai i20. We know planning to buy a car is a tough decision. It was hard work, contemplating the price, comparing features and even the different colours.
Have you checked every detail? Have you checked your CIBIL score? We’ll tell you how your CIBIL score affects your Car Loan.

How is Your CIBIL Score Calculated?

  The first thing that doctors do when you walk in for a routine checkup is monitoring your blood pressure. A blood pressure rating of 120/80 is considered to be a universally accepted rating signifying that you’re healthy. Any rating above or below that figure means your physical health needs improvement. Similarly when you walk… Read More »

6 Ridiculous Credit Score Myths Busted

Indians are traditionally brought up with the philosophy that all credit is bad and we should never seek credit unless absolutely necessary. But without any credit line, you will have no credit score; which is a paramount yardstick for your financial health. You might be hurting your credit score unknowingly. Credit scores come with so… Read More »

How to maintain a good Credit History?

You must be aware of loan and credit card applications getting rejected due to bad credit history or a lesser credit score. But have you ever wondered as to what contributes to building your credit score? What are the ways that can help you in establishing and maintaining a worthy credit report? We always think… Read More »