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7 Ways to Murder Your Credit Score

WHO KILLED MY CREDIT SCORE? – This latest murder-mystery by Agatha Christie will have you spell-bound as Hercule Poirot takes on CIBIL to unravel how one man’s poor credit score led to murder and identity theft as part of an intricate bank loan scam. Ok, so credit scores aren’t exactly Agatha Christie material. But if… Read More »

How to trade your CIBIL score for an Aston Martin!

Have you found yourself in this situation? You apply for a personal loan and are rejected! You are stumped. How could this be? You’ve got everything in order and you know you have a credit history that the bank can check. It’s not all about getting to the finish line but also how you got… Read More »

Credit checks: How to lose a job

  Slap your back, treat yourself to a sinful sauna session and scrape all those photo-bombed selfies from your Facebook page. That fairy-tale job you’ve been pursuing doggedly is now yours. The interview rounds are done and you’ve been asked to submit the necessary paperwork to set the hiring process in motion. Only, the ‘Welcome… Read More »