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Home Truths: Important Tips To Help Home Loan Borrowers!

There is distress among home owners. Home Loan tenures have shot up rapidly in the last year. We enjoyed two years of rates as low as 6.40. But such has been the inflation that barely three quarters later, many borrowers are now paying upwards of 9 per cent. As a result, Home Loan tenures have shot up dramatically!

Pay Heed To The Markup In The Home Loan Interest Rate!

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) paused the repo rate at 6.50% this month. This is a good time to calculate the difference between the repo rate and your Home Loan rate. That number is essentially the markup on your Home Loan. Read on to know more!

Home Loan Spread & How It Can Lower Your EMI

As Home Loan rates continue to spike, borrowers need to understand all aspects of the Home Loan process to lower their EMI burden. In this article, we will discuss what a Home Loan spread is, and how it can affect your debt burden.

Home Loan & Car Loan Festive Offer: Diwali Dhamaka Sale is on!

Diwali is nearing and we want you to check everything off your wishlist. If you’ve been looking for the perfect Home Loan or Car Loan this year, look no further. The “Diwali Dhamaka Sale” by BankBazaar is here! Pst! We’re giving you some fabulous reasons to get your perfect home and car! Here’s why you should pay attention to what we’re telling you!

Top Tips For A Healthy Home Loan

So you’ve finally got your very own little patch? While things look great, here’s a little something for you to get through your home loan repayment period with as little stress as possible – so you can sit back and enjoy the sunset from your new balcony! Get A Quote   Warm up first Checklists… Read More »

Home Loans: Between The Lines

We’re Answering Some ‘Un’frequently Asked Questions. Applying for a home-loan is a big decision and requires some serious contemplation. It involves a constant stream of funds leaving your bank account for many years. While one may take an informed decision, research shows that the finer, important points are still missed by customers quite often. Enter… Read More »

DIY Home Loan Kit

So much to do, so less time. In today’s fast life, efficiency is the key! Thought we’d put together ‘A Do-It-Yourself Home Loan Kit’ – just for you. You’re welcome.   Get a Quote! >> Step 1: Preliminary Investigation Don’t look so confused. We just want answers to a few basic questions. We want the truth,… Read More »

How to Start Planning for Buying a House

Why do I need a House?   Independence! What a sweet word. Admit it, you want to shift from your current cramped lifestyle to a spacious pad that at least gives you the choice to start yoga, have courtyard toilets, grow a terrace garden even. Hain na? Renters ahoy! Get your own pad and you can… Read More »

Top 5 mistakes to avoid when you take a home loan!

Borrowing a loan requires careful planning and analysis. When you take a home loan, this becomes all the more important, since the commitment is for a long term. You may end up paying more or getting inefficient service if you choose the wrong scheme or bank for your home loan. There are many mistakes committed… Read More »

Essentials before you take a home loan!

Rohit had always dreamt of having a lavish home where he could live with his large family. He believed that his dream was a far fetched one until he came across the option of home loans. By taking a suitable home loan, he was not only able to buy his dream house but he also… Read More »