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The Youth On Fixed & Floating Rate of Interest

Are you opting for a Home Loan? Do you know the difference between a Fixed and Floating Rate of Interest? Here’s what some think it really means…

Celebrate With Us and Prepare to be Amaz(on)ed

It’s celebration time! We have just raised a funding of Rs 375 Crores ($60) Million led by Amazon.com. This is our Series C round of funding and also includes global investing leaders such as Fidelity Growth Partners and Mousse Partners. What’s even better is that all our previous investors, including Sequoia Capital & Walden International, have stayed… Read More »

Mumbai on Life Insurance: Funny Video!

This video shows you just how much Indians actually know about Life Insurance. We asked regular Indians the following questions and answered them with expert tips for you: What does life insurance mean? Do you have life insurance? When are you planning to get life insurance?

The #StopApplyingStartShopping Contest

We recently put out our TVC, and we would love to hear your thoughts on it. Fill in the blank with products you would  normally throw into your shopping basket, rather than waste precious time in applying for them. Participate in our #StopApplyingStartShopping Contest, and stand to win a Gift Card worth Rs. 1000/- every day! How can you participate?… Read More »

The advantages of an online loan market

In this time and age where the Internet is seen as the mother of all information sources, the Indian online loan marketplace is in woeful lack and has plenty of scope to make a world of difference. Getting personalised rate quotes from multiple banks is a time consuming process and even after getting the quotes,… Read More »