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7 Crucial Expenses To Know Before Tax Planning For FY 18-19

Tax-planning on your mind? Know all about these crucial expenses first.

Should I Buy A House Or Continue Staying On Rent?

Is it wise to buy a house or should you continue living on rent? When does one or the other make sense? We’ll lay out all the important factors to be considered to help you make this decision.

Incredible Facts About CERSAI You Probably Didn’t Know

If you’ve ever wondered what CERSAI is all about, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to know more!

Home Loans For The Self-Employed

Are you a self-employed individual in the market for a new home? Here’s all you need to know about how to get yourself a Home Loan.

5 Useful Tips For Your House Hunt

Looking for the house of your dreams? That’s a big step. Congrats! Here are five useful tips for your house hunt.

Is This A Good Time To Opt For A Home Loan?

Interest rates are sliding while banks are coming up with attractive Home Loan schemes. With the RBI also hiking the LTV for Home Loans, this might be the right time to go for a Home Loan.

BankBazaar Home Loan Sale!

Need to compare home loan offers or want a free quote? Try BankBazaar. Apply for a Home Loan between 10 Jan – 06 Feb and get an Amazon gift card worth Rs 10,000 on the disbursal of the loan.

How To Prepay Your Home Loan

Watch this funny video to find out just how much Indians actually know about their personal finance! BankBazaar.com gets to the bottom of some critical questions and gives you some expert hacks that no one else will, with this funny video on finance. Here, we teach you the right approach to prepaying your Home Loan so that you can have a laugh and save some money while you’re at it.

Happy New Year!

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