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How To Contact BankBazaar

Do you have questions about Home Loans, Car Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance, Fixed Deposits or anything finance? Feel the need to talk to someone about your Personal Loan or Credit Card application? BankBazaar’s friendly customer care is here to help. Ask away!

The Youth On Fixed & Floating Rate of Interest

Are you opting for a Home Loan? Do you know the difference between a Fixed and Floating Rate of Interest? Here’s what some think it really means…

How Your Home Loan Eligibility is Calculated

It was a busy morning for Prakash Chadda, as the month end was nearing. Files were piled up on his desk. Chadda was hunched over a bunch of papers with a magnifying glass held really close to his nose. He was a detective of a special kind. Prakash Chadda was the credit manager of home loans… Read More »

5 Types of Neighborhood Loan Seekers You Might Fall Under

  You know that aunty, who won’t stop talking about getting you married? Or the old man down the street who frowns at you every time you pass his house? How about that young lad who always has his headphones on and doesn’t seem to notice anything going on around him? Or the whiny guy… Read More »

How Peachy Rate Cuts Affect Your Current Loans

Extra, extra! Good news is here and there’s no need to be puzzled anymore. On 2nd June, RBI reduced the key repo rate by 25 basis points to 7.25%, the third such cut in the year. Other banks are now expected to reduce their lending rates once more. Rahul, your average IT guy, was wondering… Read More »

5 Home Loan Options You Didn’t Know About

Planning to get a home loan could make even Bruce Lee roll in his grave. But we ask him (and you) not to sweat it. Bruce Lee has no idea about these home loan options, and we bet you might have overlooked them too. Here are 5 alternatives that could Abracadabra your worries, and Alakazaam… Read More »

4 Unfortunate Indians Struck by Murphy’s Law

Ever take a machine for repair and find it working perfectly in front of the repairman? Ever expect an important call and have the network fail you exactly at the time of the call? Ever make the perfect coffee only to be called away to a meeting that lasts just long enough for your coffee… Read More »

Who else wants a vodka shot on interest rate cuts

It was a typical Sunday afternoon. It took some time for Nidhi to soak in the ambience of the lounge bar that she was visiting after months. She was still furious at the cab driver, who had taken a circuitous route to the place so that he could charge her more. Her friend Renu, who… Read More »

6 Options You May Not Think of While Taking a Home Loan

Ignorance is bliss, but not for loan buyers. Many home buyers are unaware of the several options available when it comes to a home loan. Call it “research fatigue” or the lets-get-this-out-of-the-way syndrome, majority of home loan borrowers look only for interest rates. Here are six options you are likely to ignore when finalizing a… Read More »

RBI eases lending norms – Good news for home buyers!

In just a few days following the budget RBI has paved the path for increasing the liquidity for banks, enabling the possibility of a lot of positive steps in the real estate sector. Impact on home buyers RBI notified to consider the home loan up to Rs 50 Lac (i.e. a property value up to… Read More »