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Tips To Be A Straight Arrow This Anti-Corruption Day!

Do you have a toxic aunty in the family? You know, the one that hints around about finances or keeps asking why you’re not married yet? Yes, you know who we’re talking about! Come to think of it, maybe ‘anti’ is derived from the word ‘aunty’! Who knows? 😀 So, this ‘AUNTY-Corruption Day’, here’s a poem to show you how not to be a shady aunty!

5 Common Financial Planning Mistakes

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This holds true for everything in life. Those hoping to attain financial fitness will certainly agree to this. Are you sure you are on the right path of financial planning? If you fumbled to answer this one, something is certainly wrong. Figure out what!
These are 5 common financial planning mistakes that most people commit. Read and make sure you don’t ignore these flaws.