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India’s Money Management Skills if it Were a Person

If India were a person, its diversity would be confusing indeed. But India has a very specific identity and its habits and behavior can easily be likened to a person. This pertains to its financial behavior as well. India has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the recent past, in terms of… Read More »

How a Couple’s Financial Incompatibility Doesn’t Need to be a War

They say all is fair in love and war. Marriage often ends up falling in both categories. Sometimes the war is just a big part of love. But the war over finances can very easily turn ugly if the partners don’t match when it comes to their attitudes towards financial planning. Here’s a couple that… Read More »

Map your financial goals, plan for it!

What is your purpose in investing? Are you saving for a short-term goal like buying a car or for long-term goal like retirement plan? How comfortable are you with taking risks? Answering these questions is important to prepare the correct plan for your finances. Unfortunately, not many spend time answering these questions.

Ramp up a financial plan for your child. Here’s how!

As a matter of prudence one might think of withdrawing investments from risky products to safe ones, just before the requirements arise. Say, disposing off the equity investments just when the junior is 16 or 17 and putting the money in MMMFs or debt funds or fixed deposits. This practice shall definitely bring the return… Read More »