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How Indians Invest in Gold

  For anyone in India, the single most important financial activity is making investments to safeguard the future. Traditionally, investing in fixed deposits has been a popular way of creating investments purely because they offer a safe environment for investments and steady growth. Other trends have seen investments in life insurance and mutual funds also… Read More »

The History of Currency

Swati, a journalist, had invited her gang of girls for a lazy Sunday lunch. Post lunch, their chit chatting turned serious when Swati shared an incident of counterfeit currency from her bank ATM.  Swati’s friend from Australia suggested that India should move toward digital currency instead of the paper money. This got them to think… Read More »

Budget 2015 puts the shine back on gold

Gold is said to be made in Supernovas. With such a bright origin, it’s no surprise that our affinity to gold has held strong through the ages, right up there with war, good food and good times. Gold, since days of yore, has been considered one of the most important metals, owing to its alluring… Read More »