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Banks May No Longer Sell Insurance

  Remember when you picked up a life insurance policy at your bank from the very conveniently placed insurance desk inside the bank premises? Well, that may be soon a thing of the past. If the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) has its way, that is. The IRDA has recently asked banks to… Read More »

Facts your insurance advisor may not tell you!

  When the insurance advisor approaches to sell a policy or plan, his persuasive tone might drown your doubts that are critical to wise investment. Only features that provide a feel good factor are disclosed to the customer and the aspects that may discourage the customer are conveniently hidden by the agent. A careful inspection… Read More »

IRDA is likely to create a Database to tap into the claim history of drivers

According to the recent report from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, the apex body has planned create a database that will make sure that the insurers get the information regarding the claim history of individual borrowers. Reports said that the information collected by the IRDA will be a one single data that helps the insurers… Read More »