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Types of Term Life Insurance

A Term Insurance policy is a safety net for your loved ones in your absence. If you get a Term Insurance plan, your family gets paid a lump sum if you don’t survive the term of the policy. There are many types of Term Life Insurance. Choose one that suits you best. We’ll also tell you why getting your Term Life Insurance policy online is a good idea.

5 Questions You Need To Ask On Term Plans

If you’ve ever sat for hours in front of a Las Vegas slot machine plunking in coin after coin and waiting for those four 7’s to ching-a-ling into view, you know what it’s like to keep paying premiums towards your term plan without ever seeing a penny in return. Why then do people buy term… Read More »

How to remain insured even if you can’t pay your premium

Imagine you are building a fortress against an unseen enemy. If you require four outer walls bordering its periphery to complete the structure, would you build only three? Or, would you suddenly stop building the fortress and instead start focusing on a guesthouse inside it with the intention of selling it later? More ironically, would… Read More »

Term Insurance – A necessity!

Understanding Term Insurance: Term Insurance is a plain life insurance plan. It is the simplest and most fundamental death benefit plan without any money back or maturity benefits. The Term insurance product is designed for a specified term (between 5-30 years) and provides benefit to the beneficiary if the policyholder dies during the covered term.… Read More »