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Make That 1000 Rupee Note Work Smarter for You

The new pair of Skullcandy earphones, shiny black pumps, a new shirt and a fancy haircut; you can get all these in Rs 1000. But, you can get a lot more in 1000 bucks even though it may not seem like a big amount. And these are things that will definitely not land up in… Read More »

The First Step on the Money Management Diving Board

Water Parks mean fun time for everybody. Before entering the swimming pool or entering the wave pool, all of us first test the water with our toes to see if it’s too cold; then decide whether to take the plunge or not. When it comes to financial planning as well, it’s best to scope out… Read More »

How to Fulfill Your Dreams with Just Rs 1000

When Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express released in Delhi, their tickets cost 900 Rupees, and a lot of people readily spent the money. We easily spend way over 1000 bucks over a weekend and it seems like a small amount. But the same thousand could make you rich and solve your worries. Here’s all that… Read More »

SIP or VIP! How to decide?

In SIP, if the investor wants to invest Rs.30, 000 per annum it would be done over a 12 month period of Rs. 2500 every month! SIP gives you the advantage from rupee cost averaging and saves you from the hassles of timing the market. You contribute a fixed amount every month and when the… Read More »