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5 Simple Rules To Improve A Bad CIBIL Score

The first criterion that determines your eligibility for any kind of loan is your Credit Score. Given that your CIBIL score is the first and major deciding factor that helps get your loan application processed, it is very important to understand the factors that affect your score and take steps accordingly to improve it if it is below expectation. Read on to know how to improve a bad CIBIL score.

How is Your CIBIL Score Calculated?

  The first thing that doctors do when you walk in for a routine checkup is monitoring your blood pressure. A blood pressure rating of 120/80 is considered to be a universally accepted rating signifying that you’re healthy. Any rating above or below that figure means your physical health needs improvement. Similarly when you walk… Read More »

How Interest is Calculated on Personal Loans

Perhaps the most vital information you seek before applying for a Personal Loan, “How much interest will I pay?” Here’s how the interest on your Personal Loan is calculated. <Apply Now>                                                                    Monthly Income There’s a definite relationship between your salary and interest rate. If you make less than Rs.35, 000 per month, the interest you… Read More »

Make That 1000 Rupee Note Work Smarter for You

The new pair of Skullcandy earphones, shiny black pumps, a new shirt and a fancy haircut; you can get all these in Rs 1000. But, you can get a lot more in 1000 bucks even though it may not seem like a big amount. And these are things that will definitely not land up in… Read More »

Credit checks: How to lose a job

  Slap your back, treat yourself to a sinful sauna session and scrape all those photo-bombed selfies from your Facebook page. That fairy-tale job you’ve been pursuing doggedly is now yours. The interview rounds are done and you’ve been asked to submit the necessary paperwork to set the hiring process in motion. Only, the ‘Welcome… Read More »