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Is day trading injurious to your wealth?

There are many differences between trading and investing. For one, investing is a long-term process, while trading is a short-term process. In investing, company fundamentals, and stop loss play an important role in taking a decision to buy or sell, while trading involves studying charts while deciding on buying or selling a stock. There is… Read More »

Debit or credit card? Which is right for you?

Whenever you make a timely payment of the outstanding amount, your credit rating, and consequently your credit score goes up. Similarly any delay or default in the payment, will downgrade your credit score. Your credit score is important as most lenders check out your credit score before approving your loan application. A high score will… Read More »

Banking in India

Did you know the word Bank was derived from the Italian word “banco”, which means “bench” over which transactions happened during the earliest days when banking as a concept came into existence. A bank needs an approval from the government to set up its business. This approval or license is applied differently in different countries.

Sec 80 C increase nil, a missed opportunity ?!

As much as the government’s expenditure is – looks like a simple answer. But the problem is that, the citizens (we) may not be ready to pay if the tax rate is very high. A major grey market (unaccounted money), may be created if the citizens do not want to pay taxes. The solution is… Read More »