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4 Types of Credit Card Customers You Could Belong To

There are two types of people in the world – the ones who swear off Credit Cards and the ones who swear by them. Research shows that the latter is further divided into four distinct categories. Are you one of them? Read on. The Frequent Flyer You are rarely seen on the ground and usually… Read More »

4 Types of People who Should Avoid Credit Cards

Have you ever given a thought on how you use your credit card? You may or may not but the issuer sure does. Let’s take a look at 4 kinds of people who should think twice about using credit cards. Check Eligibility The unorganized bill payer:  If you are the kind who pays your utility… Read More »

5 Types of Credit Card Users You Definitely Fall Under  

  Hair colour is now readily available at every department store and experimenting with it is becoming a norm. There are those who only hide their greys, get streaks in funky colours, bleach strands of their hair so that they can use cheap colours over and over or colour all their hair. Of course, there… Read More »