CEO Adhil Shetty: Wholesome Life Lessons From My Dad

By | June 21, 2020

This Father’s Day, BankBazaar’s very own CEO, Adhil Shetty, shares some heart-warming and inspiring life lessons he learnt from his father.

Wholesome Life Lessons From My Dad

Any day is a good day to express gratitude towards the man who provided for your every need since the day you were born. But the occasion of Father’s Day demands it even more. Previously, I had shared the money lessons I received from my mom. This Father’s Day, I’m going to talk about the life lessons I got from my dad. I also hope I’ll be able to pass these on to my child.

  • Always Be There For Family

When I was in primary school, like every other boy, I took a fancy to cricket. Anybody who’s ever attended cricket coaching would be familiar with the early morning routine, which is never easy for a budding cricketer’s family. But my dad supported me through my pursuit, driving me to the coaching camp at the Don Bosco School in Chennai at 6 AM every morning.

Some years later, the cricket camps gave way to board exam tuitions at 6 AM. And my dad was right there for me, driving me to my classes. For a working man, balancing your own routines with your child’s needs and demands is never easy. But my dad was always there for me. I’m hoping I can provide that same level of commitment to my kid, but I do love my morning sleep!

  • Build Assets versus Consuming

My parents bought their house quite early in their marriage. It was a large investment which they had to stretch themselves for. However, the emphasis was on building assets – like constructing a home instead of prioritising consumption expenditure.

This is a great money lesson. One of the best ways to position yourself for financial stability and growth is to start building these assets early in life. Before you spend your hard-earned money, ask yourself: would your purchase appreciate or depreciate?

  • Live Your Life

My dad also wanted us to have life experiences to treasure forever instead of the gadget of the day. Experiences are our greatest teachers and shape our lives. So our dad sent us to a good school. He encouraged us to study at the best universities, play sport, read (non-school) books, and travel. I remember having an amazing experience when my brother and I got sent for our first international travel along with a school group to Singapore and Malaysia.

He valued these experiences more than accumulating things like watches or cars or branded clothes. I can appreciate the intricacy of a fine watch or the luxury of a finely tailored and fitted suit but I will always value a holiday with family more.

  • Develop All-Round Skills

Dad encouraged us to develop multiple skills. Therefore, as a budding sportsman, I dabbled in tennis, basketball, cricket, table tennis and swimming. I can’t claim to be good at any of them but I enjoyed them all. Ironically, I think I learnt to focus on one thing, as I realised that I wasn’t great at any one sport because I tried to do everything!

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there. I hope all of us are able to teach the same life and money lessons to the next generation as we learnt from ours.

This article was originally written for LinkedIn by BankBazaar Founder & CEO Adhil Shetty.

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