Unlock 1.0 – Personal Finance Highlights

By Kishore Sabareeshan | June 19, 2020

The lockdown may be over, but its impact on our finances live on through Unlock 1.0. Let’s find out what’s changed.

Experiencing a pandemic together is surely going be etched in our memories for a lifetime. Though there may not be many pleasant things to say about social distancing and being restricted to the four walls of our houses, it’s safe to say that it took a pandemic for some of us to streamline our finances.

The fact is, whether you like it or not, the lockdown experience has changed our financial priorities and perceptions. Is it good or bad? We’ll let you be the judge of it. Read on to find out how we’re beginning to see a new era of personal finance and consumerism as we move further into Unlock 1.0.

What’s Hot?

Online Shopping

Yep, thanks to its innate presence-less shopping experience, e-commerce is beginning to be the norm for shoppers all around. While e-shopping sites were only taking orders of essential items during the core of the lockdown, leading websites have now opened up their services to all items.

What’s more? Experiencing a lockdown has made consumers extra cautious about going out and shopping, and this has in turn driven them towards e-shopping avenues. So it’s safe to say that Amazon and Flipkart are likely to be go-to places for shopping needs.

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In-House Entertainment

With theatres still closed across the country, the way we’re consuming content has completely tilted in the favour of streaming sites. Having stayed indoors for the past two months, most Indians have been able to discover the conveniences of watching new content via online streaming to such an extent that content creators will probably focus more on releasing movies via this medium as opposed to theatres.

While cinema halls will certainly open up for business again, it’s safe to say that online streaming service providers have realised the ever-increasing demand for at-home entertainment.

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Similarly, most weekend plans and dinner dates have also been restricted indoors. Most food delivery apps are even conducting temperature checks to ensure that customers can place orders with peace of mind. Major pubs have finally been allowed to offer their brewed beer as take-away items in order to somewhat survive in these dire times. This had made sure that all the elements (well, almost) of a fun Saturday night can be incorporated in the safety of one’s home.

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If not anything, the one good thing that has come out this whole experience is that people who were earlier mostly impulsive when it comes to their purchases and enjoyment are moving towards caution. Why? Because this pandemic has taught them the value of having a cushion to rely on. This realisation is one of the rather welcome effects of the lockdown.

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What’s Not?

Events & Sports

Those who love to spend their weekends catching the buzz of the city will have to wait a while longer. Avenues such as sports and performing arts like theatre and live music continue to face the wrath of the lockdown.

Though we are officially in Unlock 1.0 phase, this first edition has not given a green signal to public gatherings, and rightfully so. Until there is a considerable fall in coronavirus cases, this is likely to be the norm. Artists and athletes alike will need to hold on and work on their craft and wait for things to get back to normal.


Ah, fellow wanderers, we feel you. Nothing quite breaks the monotony of life quite like travel.

Over the years, millennials have championed the idea of learning about cultures and themselves by getting away from the city to break the monotony. While this soul searching is really as good as it sounds, travel is going to be a no-no at least for the next few months.

While some states have relaxed inter-city commute, it’s safe to say that the travel and tourism industry has a long wait ahead of them.

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As we head into the following months, we’ll have more clarity on how the future will look. But, until then, it’s wise for us to embrace the good and dance with the change (even if it means you have to dance solo in your living room!)

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