Why You Should Be A Financial Ant-Man

By Kishore Sabareeshan | November 13, 2020

Ever turned to nature for financial advice? Turns out there’s a lot you can learn from the way ants lead their lives. Read on to become an ant-man today!

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It’s time for all of us to be our own version of Ant-Man or Ant-Woman (let’s just skip the Wasp for now). No, we’re not talking about the movie; we’re referring to those teeny wondrous creations of Mother Earth that are totally worth seeking inspiration from.

Sure, they bite, but when you put that aside, ants can really give you valuable life lessons. They’re sorted in many ways, right from the way they walk in lines to the way they store their food. Today, we seek to learn a lesson about finance and money management by analysing some great traits that ants possess. By the way, if ants could use the internet, we’re sure they’d check their Credit Score on BankBazaar.com, so let’s start with that.

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Lesson #1: Slow and steady wins the race!

If you’ve ever observed ants closely (without getting bitten) in the summer, you’ll know that they collect food every day. They don’t just go all out on a collection spree one fine day and then chill for the rest of the season!

Now, while we’re sure you too cook or order food on a daily basis, the takeaway (no pun intended) here is not a literal one. Applying the ant’s strategy of procuring food in a systematic way is exactly how the SIP method of Mutual Fund investments is modelled. Here, you invest little amounts, which, over a period of time, blossom into something big!

While there are other investment tools like shares that are quick to thrill, they can be equally quick in killing your savings too. With a reliable model like the SIP, you can take a ‘tortoise’ approach as opposed to the ‘hare’.

Lesson #2: Seize opportunities as and when you can!

Procrastination is a non-existent word in the dictionary of ants. You’ll never see an army of ants ignore a fallen piece of chocolate in the hopes that they can come back for it later. Ants grab every chance they see. The lesson for us here is not to put off any financial or investment plans. When the right moment presents itself, you should seize the day and act quickly; that’s when you really start doing something.

Lesson #3: Safeguard what’s yours

Ants are smart enough to protect the spoils of all their hard work and toil. This is why you’ll never see them leave their food out in the open; that would invite trouble from other insects who are in search of food. Ants store their food in holes, safe from visibility and entry. In the off chance that another insect finds these hidden spots, the ant army will retaliate with a bad-ass counterattack!

Just like the ant protects its resources, you too should ensure only to put your money where you can be sure of its security. If you come across a scheme that sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Dodge these shady potential scams that can loot all your hard-earned money. Invest in something that will give you peace of mind knowing your money is in good hands. This way, your money is not only protected but also builds interest.

Lesson #4: Know the dangers that surround you

Ants hate it when their storage areas are affected by water. To counter moisture, they take their food and store them deeper than ever before, where the water cannot touch it. Similarly, you need to find a spot where your money cannot be damaged by factors of the financial ecosystem like inflation. Price rise basically reduces the value of your current money in the near future. So, how do you counter this? Well, just like the ants dug deeper, you can also find investments that will help you overcome the effects of price rise by giving you high ROIs.

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Lesson #5: Always keep the big picture in mind

They may be tiny as hell, but ants are big on foresight. They work hard in the summers so that their winters can be better. Though they collect food on a daily basis, their idea of storage and consumption is a sustainable one, because ants spend most winters in their anthills, enjoying peace of mind that their resources are in place.

The lesson here is pretty clear – it always helps to save up for a rainy day. While it’s not a crime to loosen up and spend on a vacation every few months (post COVID-19, of course), you need to sort out your financial scene in such a way that you always have enough to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. A lot of us would plead guilty when someone asks if we blow a major chunk of our monthly salary within the first fortnight. That’s not the case with the ant; it knows better than that. It prefers to work hard all summer and then collectively enjoy the most kickass winter anthill party with its army!

With a little prioritisation, hard work, and will power, you too can build up enough funds to make your annual holiday a great one; just invest wisely and systematically.

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Financial foresight is not just limited to vacation plans, of course! If you wish to nurture your entrepreneurial instincts, you’ve got to know how to manage your moolah too. Starting a business requires financial resources that can keep you afloat even in the worst days; at least till you break even. For those who are considering family planning, the big picture is the only picture you must think about.

Need inspiration? Just look at them ants! They function great not only as a family, but also as a collective unit. They don’t waste resources or time; they’ve mastered the art of blending the Carpe Diem philosophy with the old-school approach of planning for the future.

So, go ahead and be an ant, but hey, don’t bite!

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