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What Is A Cancelled Cheque?

Even as online banking is growing exponentially, there are certain aspects of banking that need to be taken care of in a traditional way. Issuing cancelled cheques in one such process. Want to know more? Read on.

Allahabad Bank net profit up nearly 18% in 2010-11

According to recent press reports Kolkata-based Allahabad Bank is planning to go for a medium term notes (MTN) issue to raise $500 million to fund its overseas expansion program.  The senior officials of the bank said that the bank is expected to continue with the MTN issue in another three months, and will be listed… Read More »

Credit – Deposit Gap continues

Credit from banks in India has increased over 22% annually to touch Rs. 40.76 lakh crore towards the end of the last fiscal. This increase in credit is likely to indicate the boosting in the industrial activity. This is recorded as of April 8th of this year as against the last year’s amount of 33.37… Read More »