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Planning for higher education

14 Money-Saving Hacks For Students

After taking a huge loan to pay for a higher education, students often look for ways to reduce their daily expenses and live on a small budget. Here are 14 money-saving hacks that can help students sustain themselves on a low budget.

How To Reduce The Burden Of An Education Loan

Planning your higher studies or that of your kid? If you’re hunting for the right Education Loan, you might also want to know about ways to reduce the burden of repayments. You don’t want education to be a burden on you, right?

The Nitty-Gritty Of Education Loans

Getting a college degree these days, can turn out to be pretty expensive if you don’t have the funds in place. Well, an Education Loan can help you fund your educational aspirations. We’re going to shed some light on the nitty-gritties of Education Loans.

Education Loans: Does India Lag Or Lead The West?

When it comes to how education is viewed in the West and in India, the situation in the two regions is about as similar as hawk ‘n geese. (We didn’t say “chalk ‘n cheese” since Indians don’t like cheese much, do they?) So if the role of education in society is so dissimilar in India… Read More »

6 Essential Financial Planning Goals That Can’t Run Out Of Gas

Plans without goals are like driving without a steering wheel – you can’t be accused of doing nothing but you have no way of knowing whether you’ll still be in one piece when you stop driving, let alone know whether you’ll reach your destination. So, quick! Here are 6 essential goals you need to lock… Read More »

9 expenses you should know before Planning Tax for FY2014-15!

Tax is the most stable source of revenue for a country that contributes to its development. It also plays a key role in promoting democracy by making the government accountable to its citizens. As responsible citizen, one should timely pay his share of taxes that are due. To lessen the tax burden for its citizens,… Read More »

Money mistakes that might haunt you in the future!

Making mistakes with our money is something we all are wary of but can never really be sure of avoiding. Even those of our friends who seem to have the smarts for handling their money, sometimes falter at problems that credit and financial planning bring along. Never was money as simple as saving in a… Read More »

Plan now for your kids’ education!

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. This quote is often repeated to encourage people to opt for education. It has never been truer than today. Education indeed, has become expensive. The rising cost of education Consider this; engineering education used to cost about Rs. 5,000 to 25,000 per year 10 years back. Today… Read More »

Options for financing education abroad

Studying abroad is expensive and at times the cost can be as high as six times that of the cost in India and hence planning needs to be done to ensure that sufficient funds are at disposal when needed. This is essential because to apply for the student visa, you need to show proof of… Read More »