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Why you should review your financial plan!

Your financial plan is one which chalks out your financial goals and how you plan to achieve them. As the situations in life change, your financial plan also requires regular reviewing and change. Just as how you undergo regular health checkups to review your health and regular service for your vehicle or electronic appliances, your… Read More »

Buying a property abroad?

The current economic turmoil in US and European nations have led to a sharp fall in property prices there making them extremely lucrative for non-resident Indians as well as resident Indians to invest in. More and more Indians are opting for offshore properties as a second home in exotic locations.

Renewal of SIP – Why, when and how?

Given the volatility of financial markets all over the globe, SIPs have now become the preferred means of investment for the common investor who does not have the adequate risk appetite. Opting for SIP would mean investing regularly over a period of time. The time frames for investment is fixed at time of taking the… Read More »

Understanding how sensex is calculated!

The whole nation is obsessed with the rise and fall of the sensex whether or not people are directly or indirectly associated with it. With the increase in economic activity in the nation sensex has become a household term which is keen followed by millions everyday. The exact methodology employed to calculate the figure of… Read More »

Stock market to gather momentum!

The global weakness and slow-down left no stone unturned to tarnish the market sentiment in every sphere. The volume in stock exchanges has got badly affected by the economic instability and investors are not willing to burn their fingers in the heat of burning beacons. After a long period of storm in the Indian stock… Read More »

Stock and Rupee – Will somebody tame the bear?

India is witnessing a fall all around from the stock market to currency value. The only thing that is showing some strength in the market is Inflation.  Even theory of relativity fails when it comes to pulling down the Inflation in India. Crude price has recently shown some weakness as the price of Brent has… Read More »

Simple rules in investments!

Another way to use this rule of thumb is to guess the rate of return that you must get for an investment to double within a particular period. Say, Mr. Ramesh wants to buy a house after six years for a budget of Rs. 30 lakhs. He has Rs. 15 lakhs with him as of… Read More »

7 mistakes to avoid when investing!

Not taking a very conservative stand doesn’t mean you should play aggressive in the markets. An investor is bound to lose money even if he chooses to take a very aggressive stand by investing his money in high risk avenues such as equities without even taking enough care to understand how they work. The middle… Read More »

Tri-risk for salaried people!

Tri? No, this is not some fancy jargon, but, just means tri as in three. This article will give you an insider’s perspective of the three major risks involved in personal financial planning for salaried professionals. As most of us know Risk is that part of our life that we are unsure of, which cannot… Read More »

Stocks or mutual funds?

Investing is the action of buying an asset with the aim of making profits and earning income. Contrary to what many people believe, investing is a long-term activity, while trading is a short-term activity. A successful investor takes a look at the fundamentals of the asset before putting down his money to buy the asset.