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All About Unit Linked Insurance Plans

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan is an insurance plan that offers you a life cover and is also an investment. In a Unit Linked Insurance Plan, part of the premium that you pay goes towards giving you a life cover and the remainder of the premium is invested for you by the insurance company. Read this guide to learn all about Unit Linked Insurance Plans.

ULIPs Vs Mutual Funds: What’s the Best Option for You?

To build up a successful cricket team, you need a good balance of batsmen, bowlers and all rounders. Your finances also need you to have  a good investment portfolio with savings as well as insurance. While it is generally advised to consider insurance and investments as separate options, ULIPs combine the two and are worth… Read More »

Who Else Wants To Know How Child Plans Work

The birth of a child brings immeasurable joy to parents. However, after the initial euphoria subsides, the future expenses start staring at you in the face. Add to this the innumerable ads on TV and print media, and you’re left with only one choice: buy a child plan. That’s the beginning of your second problem… Read More »

5 No-brainers Before You Take Insurance

Choosing an insurance plan is like ordering with friends at a restaurant – the most popular person’s choice prevails.You perhaps do your own research, but end up choosing a plan that your friend has purchased. Does this sound like you? Well, it’s a golden rule of investing that what’s good for your friend may not… Read More »

Tax Implications on Life Insurance

Whether you are planning on buying a house, embarking on a new career path or just drawing lines for your children’s future, this hoary advice rings your ears: “Do your best, but be prepared for the worst.” Of course, you have paid heed to it and that’s the reason why you have bought insurance policies. You… Read More »

How to remain insured even if you can’t pay your premium

Imagine you are building a fortress against an unseen enemy. If you require four outer walls bordering its periphery to complete the structure, would you build only three? Or, would you suddenly stop building the fortress and instead start focusing on a guesthouse inside it with the intention of selling it later? More ironically, would… Read More »