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Simple Money Management Hacks

Does your salary vanish into thin air in no time? Don’t know an SIP from a Recurring Deposit? Are you one of those people who don’t understand money management and leave things to the professionals? Don’t fret – here are a few money management hacks to help you become a pro!

How To Open A Post Office Recurring Deposit

If your aim is to invest a small amount on a regular basis while getting a good rate of interest, then opening a Recurring Deposit may be a smart choice. You can open one in a Post Office for as low as Rs. 10! Here’s what you need to know about opening a Recurring Deposit in a Post Office.

Differences Between Fixed & Recurring Deposits

Fixed returns and good interest rates are probably the two most common features which make Recurring Deposits and Fixed Deposits the most popular investment options for most Indians. Learn about the differences between the two.

Thinking About Breaking Your Recurring Deposit?

Recurring Deposits are popular short-term deposits which help people save some money on a monthly basis. It’s a good savings option for people with lower incomes and for those who have just stared working as it helps them build their finances in a planned manner. But what happens when you close a Recurring Deposit before its actual maturity date?