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Why Online Banking Is Your ‘Friend With Benefits’

Ever thought of having a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with your bank? Yes, you can do that! You get to enjoy all the benefits of actually visiting a bank by not actually visiting it. That’s the magic of online banking. If you haven’t started using it already, here’s why you should.

How To E-sign Using Your Aadhaar Card

While most of us are awaiting ‘Ache Din’ with bated breath, the Modi government has definitely made great strides in its Digital India Initiative. E-sign, a brainchild of the initiative, is swiftly gaining ground in the financial world. Want to know how the dual forces of Aadhaar and e-sign can work to your advantage? Read on.

E-wallets – Finding The Loopholes

Though e-wallets are a convenient payment option, there a lot of loopholes in the system which have led to misuse by both fraudsters and genuine users. Read on to know more about these loopholes and how to protect yourself.

Digital Cash – A Cashless Transaction

Gone are the days when you had to carry cash for all your transactions. Digital money seems to be the new order of the day and has replaced cash payments in a lot of cases. What exactly is digital cash? What are the different forms of digital cash? Let’s learn all about it right here!

Going Digital – Banking Haute Couture

The current global market is teeming with technological innovations that are aimed at easing the hassles associated with standard banking procedures. We may be hesitant to adopt to banking via mobile phones and computers since we’re most used to traditional ways involving human interaction. But adapting to these new modes of banking is the perfect style statement combining fashion and comfort.

8 Instant Money Transfer Solutions You Didn’t Know About

Have you ever wanted to buy something from an online sale but couldn’t because your online banking was down? Maybe you didn’t want to use your credit card but didn’t want to miss the flash sale either. Worry not! Here are 8 ways to transfer your money instantly and not miss that sale. Pre-paid credit… Read More »