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The BankBazaar #BestBargain Contest

Does it happen very often that your friends put you forward when it comes to bargaining for the best price with your banya or while street shopping? And you have that one line that always works like magic where you end up saving a few extra bucks? We are looking for that exact winning line, no matter how whacky, dramatic or funny! Shoot it in the comments on our Facebook and Twitter posts and stand a chance to win cash prizes

The BankBazaar #SaveUp Contest

Each of us have a hidden motive that drives us to #SaveUp a little more from our salaries each month. Complete the following actions and tell us what’s yours and stand a chance to win gift vouchers worth Rs. 1000!

The BankBazaar #WhatWouldYouGiveUp Contest

So here’s a contest where you pick out ways by which you aim to save money and in turn we reward you with some more money. Seems like a fair deal, right? (well, all is fair where money is involved ;)) If you had to start saving on money what would be that one thing… Read More »

The BankBazaar #WhoIsACrorepati Contest

We all have that one friend who is annoyingly great at everything he or she does (including financial planning), and is sure to have success on their side soon enough. In our latest contest, we ask you guys to tag that one friend who is most likely to succeed in life, by becoming a Crorepati of course!

The BankBazaar #WhichCrorepatiAreYou Contest

  Nowadays there are types of everything, including Crorepatis! If you had to pick, tell us which Indian Crorepati you wish to be and give us a reason why (make it a good one!). If we’re convinced by your answer, we’ll help you get there with a smashing ₹5,000 Gift Card! You in? How can you participate? 1. Like… Read More »

The BankBazaar #NameThatFilm Contest

Take a punt with the BankBazaar #NameThatFilm Contest! Are you big on the movies from years gone by? Watch out for three films on our Facebook timeline through the week, guess the missing word in their titles, and stand to win a prize! How can you participate? 1. Like our Facebook page! Also get five of your friends… Read More »