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By | September 5, 2016

From The HR Desk

Hello again!

We’re back with some more interesting policies put forth by our super-awesome HR team. Excited to learn about them? Let’s get started then.

We believe in Equality!

Gender, age, religion, colour, race, nationality, physical ability, sexual orientation – we’re never going to judge you on any of these. We’re only going to judge you on your competence and skills.

Our HR team has brought about the ‘BB Equal Employment Opportunity Policy’. This policy applies to all areas of employment – hiring, training, compensation, benefits, layoffs, terminations, promotions and discipline. BankBazaar provides equal opportunities to all our candidates and all our employees. With this policy, our HR team is striving to maintain a disciplined work environment, devoid of harassment, intimidation or oppression.

What happens to any employee who violates this policy? Strict disciplinary action will be taken. Oh, you can be terminated also!

Maintain discipline, please!

Violation of company policies, breach of discipline or misconduct? Sorry, boss. But there’s no escape. With BankBazaar’s Disciplinary Policy in place, you are sure to face the consequences. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who tries any of the above-mentioned activities.

A sub-set of the Code of Business Ethics & Conduct Policy (COBEC), this policy covers the actions that would be taken against employees – permanent, temporary, trainee, contract staff, and interns – for improper conduct. Improper conduct is defined as any act or omission on the part of the employee which is in conflict with BankBazaar’s policies and procedures, employment terms and conditions and information security process. Fair and unbiased corrective measures will be taken against violators.

Thinking of absconding? Chuck the thought!

If any employee is on BankBazaar’s payroll and does not report to work without prior notice for more than three consecutive days, he/she will be treated as ‘absconding’.  After this period, the HR Operations team will send out an absconding notice to the employee. Failure to return to work after five days from dispatch of the notice will lead to termination of the employee.

On termination, the employee is required to return all of the company’s assets in his/her possession and pay any outstanding dues to the company. If the employee fails to do so, legal action will be taken against him/her.

Taking time off from work? Please do not forget to inform your reporting manager or HR manager to avoid trouble.

Life Insurance Policy

We have provided a comprehensive Life Insurance cover for all our permanent employees. This life cover is applicable till the employees reach 60 years of age or until their last working day at BankBazaar.

This policy comes into the picture in the unlikely death of the employee (natural and accidental). The Sum Assured will be paid to his/her nominees. Employees should not forget to validate their nominee details on the HR portal.

Medical Insurance Policy

BankBazaar’s group Health Insurance policy provides our permanent employees and their immediate dependents (family) with a comprehensive medical cover for all their medical exigencies. The Sum Assured ranges from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh.

Background Check Policy

You can lie but you won’t get away with it! Thanks to BankBazaar’s stringent Background Check Policy, the company has the right to verify the background of new joiners and existing employees. This policy is applicable to all permanent employees of the company.

The primary background verification includes criminal background and previous employment as the minimum requirement. For new joiners, the background verification will be completed within eight weeks from the date of joining. For existing employees, BankBazaar has the right to conduct additional checks as and when required. Prompt cooperation from the employees is expected during this process.

Corrective measures (even termination) will be taken against any employee who provides false or misleading information. Also, it is at the sole discretion of BankBazaar to reconsider or terminate an employee who fails the background verification.

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Separation Policy

This policy lists the guidelines for employees who wish to leave the organisation.  It covers both resignation and termination of employees. Employees have to serve their notice period and their salaries will be put on hold for the month in which they have put forth their resignation request.

Leaves can be availed during the notice period, provided the employee gets approval from his/her reporting manager. However, their notice period will be extended by the same number of days taken as leave.

There will also be an exit interview with the HR department. On their last working day, employees have to obtain clearance from all stakeholders and submit the exit clearance form to their respective HR partner. The relieving letter will be issued only post this.

As far as the full and final settlement is concerned, it will be made within 45 days from the employee’s last working day. The experience certificate will be both emailed (soft copy) and couriered to the respective employee post the settlement of dues.

Simple exit process, right?

What’s your take on the different policies mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below. Oh! And see y’all again next month with more interesting updates.

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