Is Your Credit Card A Match Made In Heaven?

By archanavasudevan | December 17, 2015

Is Your Credit Card A Match Made In Heaven?

Ok, so you own a Credit Card? What’s the big deal? The person sitting next to you might have four cards more. So, being a proud owner doesn’t make you a sensible spender or a user. No, it doesn’t. Why? Let’s tell you why.

You might have procured the Credit Card for X, Y and Z purposes, regardless, you might not be extracting the best out of it. Holding any Credit Card in your already overflowing wallet could be just be another piece of plastic you felt you must have: a) because your friends vouched for it or b) because the bank executive forced you to avail it. But, honestly, how are you actually benefitted by the card? Are you being a smart spender or just another drop in the ocean? Think for a moment. Do you own a Credit Card that is truly “you”? Does your Credit Card reflect your personality and your lifestyle? No? Then please, go ahead and dump that Credit Card right now.  It is time to pick a Credit Card that mirrors your personality and in essence is just you.

Yes, I value my money!

Some people always look at what they get back when they make a purchase. No, there is nothing wrong in that. Getting the best out of what life is throwing at you is just being smart! So, if you are a Credit Card user, who is looking to get any “return on investment”, maybe as rewards, offers and discounts, choose a card that actually gives you that. Pick a rewards Credit Card, low interest Credit Card, cashback Credit Card or any lifestyle Credit Card. Yes, these cards are a surefire way to get your money’s worth.

The word is luxury.

Are you someone who loves the high life? Great. But does your Credit Card live up to your refined tastes and lifestyle. Maybe, maybe not. Get a card that lets you live life in a grand way, offering you unbeatable lifestyle, golf, dining and shopping privileges along with charter services. Premium signature cards, lifestyle Credit Cards, co-branded Credit Cards and entertainment Credit Cards should be on your list, right now. And yes, women love fashion. No one’s denying that. But please, no clichés here. Credit cards offered exclusively for women come with the best shopping and lifestyle benefits available on this planet.

Retail Therapy.

Yes, that always helps. Regardless of whatever the world says, shopping is a lifesaver. So why not do it the right way with the right Credit Card. There are a million Credit Cards available in the market, offering benefits on shopping, be it your everyday groceries or to buy the dress that you have been eyeing for a long time. A lifetime free Credit Card can also help you here, as, let’s face it, shopping never does go out of fashion.

What are you celebrating today?

Live, laugh, eat and drink! A dinner at your favourite restaurant or catching up on the latest movie, every little event in your life is a celebration. So, why not rejoice with the right companion? Entertainment Credit Cards, lifestyle Credit Cards and cards exclusively for dining give you excellent deals on what you love to do all the time. Movie ticket offers, dining discounts, 1-on-1 deals and much more only make you enjoy your “small” celebrations, even more.

The world is your oyster!

A traveller’s best friend would be his Credit Card, no matter where he goes. If you are a globetrotter or an extravagant tourist, empower yourself with the best travel Credit Card there is. A world of rewards, air miles and amazing travel deals await you with every travel Credit Card available, always ready to take you places. 

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