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9 Undiscovered Tax Strategies for You

India Gate in Delhi and the Gateway of India in Mumbai get visited by almost every tourist in the city. But, they miss out on great sights and good food when they concentrate only on the popular spot. Similarly, when it comes to tax strategies and tax savings instruments for most of us are centred… Read More »

4 Tax Questions Sweetened for You

Chocolates, ice-creams and pies; everyone loves to indulge once in a while. Those of us with a sweet-tooth can never say no. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could indulge just as much in your tax returns? Home loans, health insurance and other investments, done right, can get you great returns on your taxes. Here… Read More »

6 Infuriating Tax Queries Answered

We are all usually surrounded by lot of questions related to investments, taxation, finance etc. In this article, we have handpicked 6 questions which are important and applicable to most of us. 1. How are tax rebates calculated for early payment of a home loan? Those who have availed a home loan usually have this… Read More »