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Look Beyond Market Linked Tax Saving Options

When we talk about tax saving investment options in India, phrases such as ELSS, SIP and ULIP rule the roost. The average Indian is leaving no stones unturned in ensuring that his personal investment portfolio includes a mix of market linked investment products, which not only fetch him handsome returns, but also give tax benefits… Read More »

5 Ways You Gain from Credit Card Transactions

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but with credit cards, you can. Swiping that flash of gold can actually help you get more than just what you buy. You can be a smart credit card holder and get the best out of your card by taking advantage of the perks… Read More »

All you Want to Know about Joint Ownership of Property

Don’t all of us eye the new car with latest features, the coolest mobile to hit the market, that apartment from a prestigious builder that promises an infinity pool and private garden and literally the sky! Yes, times are changing and so are human wants. However, we wish that the resources needed for possessing all… Read More »

How Your Home Loan Eligibility is Calculated

It was a busy morning for Prakash Chadda, as the month end was nearing. Files were piled up on his desk. Chadda was hunched over a bunch of papers with a magnifying glass held really close to his nose. He was a detective of a special kind. Prakash Chadda was the credit manager of home loans… Read More »

10 Loan Tips for First Time Home Buyers

10 Loan Tips for First Time Home Buyers Unwrapping your birthday gift or Christmas gift probably had you excited and nervous at the same time. Buying a house could give you the same experience, but hightened. This is especially true for first time home buyers. But with a little homework at the outset, most of… Read More »

9 Undiscovered Tax Strategies for You

India Gate in Delhi and the Gateway of India in Mumbai get visited by almost every tourist in the city. But, they miss out on great sights and good food when they concentrate only on the popular spot. Similarly, when it comes to tax strategies and tax savings instruments for most of us are centred… Read More »

Restructure Your salary and Solve the Tax Liability Puzzle

  Any kind of puzzle can seem like a mammoth task, until you find that one key piece that makes everything else fit right and speeds up the solving. Anybody who has tried Sudoku or the good old 100 piece jigsaws, will agree. Income tax and returns might seem like a puzzle too, but you… Read More »

How to Make Loans Purr for You

Just like your furry 4-pawed attention seeking cat, loans can be your friends too. What do they have in common? Just like your cat sulks right out of your reach when she doesn’t get her way, loans need to be handled correctly for them to work right for you. They are double-edged swords; if wielded… Read More »

3 easy ways to beat the tax deadline

Some habits die hard. One such habit is jumping out of your seat when you get a rude shock. Jeevan, a senior editor with a media group, did just that – jump out of his seat – when he received a call from the accounts department telling him that he would receive only 40% of… Read More »