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The Adventures of the Taxpaying Common Man

Most people probably have a love-hate relationship in their minds with Kim Kardashian. On one hand, she’s always on the media radar, on the other hand, she’s always on the media radar. You probably also have a love-hate relationship with your taxes, on one hand, you never know if the bill at the restaurant fits… Read More »

All You Need to Know About DTAA

Malini, an IT professional has scheduled her travel to the US for working onsite. Travelling overseas for work was not new for Malini, but this time, with a big project in hand, she was likely to be abroad for more than a year. While Malini was happy that an onsite work profile would do well… Read More »

5 Latest Tax Reforms of 2015

When it comes to losing weight, baby steps towards your goal are what finally amount to a big change for you. The banking, taxation and in the financial segment of India has seen a lot of baby steps implemented in the past couple of years and these indicate a path towards big change. A few… Read More »

How to Whip Up Delectable Tax Savings

Here’s how you can become a king at restructuring your salary, calculating tax and  get the best tax saving toppings.   Find out more from Restructure Your Salary and Solve the Tax Liability Puzzle

Investing in Equities: Risk or Reward?

  Broccoli soup or Grilled Chicken? Salad or Burgers? You probably did not pick the Broccoli soup but we all know that it’s healthy. When it comes to investments, people have their own preferences with gold, land and FDs, but not many pick equities. Equities are considered risky and some even consider them akin to… Read More »

9 Undiscovered Tax Strategies for You

India Gate in Delhi and the Gateway of India in Mumbai get visited by almost every tourist in the city. But, they miss out on great sights and good food when they concentrate only on the popular spot. Similarly, when it comes to tax strategies and tax savings instruments for most of us are centred… Read More »

Your Global Assets Could Land You in Jail: Prevent it Now

A Princess in the middle east was gifted a completely gold toilet on her wedding. The wealthy love spending and we love to hear about the diamond studded BMWs and private jets that they gift each other. So many of us wistfully wish we could visit their sprawling mansions with indoor pools in exotic locations.… Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Income Tax Return Form for You

Supandi, from Tinkle, was a dear but very confused character that many of us still enjoy. He was most likely to go to a Dentist for an ache in his eye (probably caused by the spoon in his cup). This tax filing season, you might be feeling just as confused as Supandi and don’t know… Read More »