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What Happens If You Don’t File Your Income Tax Return?

Has the idea of the income tax department always scared you a little? All of us have heard at least one story about someone getting into trouble for not paying their taxes. And what about filing your Income Tax Return? Are you wondering what the repercussions would be if you didn’t file your return? Just read on and everything will start to look a little clearer.

Is your Income Indian enough? Tax matters

Although at a cursory glance some of the ideas discussed above might sound to be the stuff that our Auditor/Financial Planner should be concerned with and not us, it is imperative that we understand the philosophy behind them so that we are more in control of our income tax assessments. With the increasing benefits of… Read More »

When you first start to save

Be regular with your investment. It is best to allocate a portion of your funds from your monthly income and make arrangements to transfer it immediately to another account, from where you can plan your fund allocation for each investment. Do not use the bank account that you utilise for your day to day expenses,… Read More »