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All about Multi Currency Travel Cards

If you’re a globetrotter, you know the pain of losing all that money to the exchange rates. Well, these guys almost faced the same situation. Nimish and Vijay, partners of an exciting web start-up, planning a business trip to the Middle East and Europe, as part of their business expansion. They were worried about carrying… Read More »

Who else wants a vodka shot on interest rate cuts

It was a typical Sunday afternoon. It took some time for Nidhi to soak in the ambience of the lounge bar that she was visiting after months. She was still furious at the cab driver, who had taken a circuitous route to the place so that he could charge her more. Her friend Renu, who… Read More »

ICICI bank in the year 2009!

The bank had gone slow on its housing loans, mortgage loans and automobiles loans (both 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers). Most of the automobile showrooms did not have an ICICI bank representative throughout the year. ICICI bank was also the last among the major banks to reduce the housing loan interest rate to the competitive… Read More »