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5 (Very Wrong) Reasons People Buy Life Insurance in India

5 Very Wrong Reasons People Buy Life Insurance
Going by recent findings, more and more Indians are steadily abandoning their Life Insurance plans within two years of taking them on. Although Life Insurance is every bit the great financial product it’s meant to be, most people buy it for all the wrong reasons.

How to remain insured even if you can’t pay your premium

Imagine you are building a fortress against an unseen enemy. If you require four outer walls bordering its periphery to complete the structure, would you build only three? Or, would you suddenly stop building the fortress and instead start focusing on a guesthouse inside it with the intention of selling it later? More ironically, would… Read More »

Have you covered yourself?

  One of the most memorable scenes in the movie Titanic is when Jack Dawson sketches a portrait of Rose in the buff. While Rose did not need much cover, you do. Insurance-wise, that is. Many people take a cover that they can afford. Some people take one which they assume as enough for them.… Read More »