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Ways to improve your Credit Score

It’s often said money can buy anything. You can buy Health Insurance with money, but money will not help you buy health. Ever heard of a Credit Score? Put simply, a Credit score is a barometer of your financial health. It is important for you to maintain a healthy Credit Score. Read on to learn about the best ways to improve your Credit Score and maintain a good financial credibility.

How to calculate your loan eligibility!

Calculating the amount your bank will give to you as personal loan or home loan isn’t as tough as it seems. It is actually that simple that you can calculate it sitting within the comfort of your four walls. The amount of loan that your bank will agree to offer you depends on your monthly… Read More »

Essentials before you take a home loan!

Rohit had always dreamt of having a lavish home where he could live with his large family. He believed that his dream was a far fetched one until he came across the option of home loans. By taking a suitable home loan, he was not only able to buy his dream house but he also… Read More »

5 points to consider before buying a home!

With SBI doing away with teaser loan and RBI increasing policy rates, home loan has become once again more expensive for Indian borrowers. The home loan rates since then have been raised to at least 9.5% offered by SBI and few NBFCs such as Indiabulls finance. Other banks and NBFCs may charge even higher. We… Read More »

Are you eligible for a home loan?

Find out the answer to that, before even selecting your dream home. Usually most people scrutinize on the requirements of their dream home. The proximity to the city or other facilities, the type of construction, the vastu! but little do they realize that they are taking their loan application for granted. As a loaner, it… Read More »