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6 Ridiculous Credit Score Myths Busted

Indians are traditionally brought up with the philosophy that all credit is bad and we should never seek credit unless absolutely necessary. But without any credit line, you will have no credit score; which is a paramount yardstick for your financial health. You might be hurting your credit score unknowingly. Credit scores come with so… Read More »

Loan guarantors be forewarned!

A key deciding factor will be to gauge the borrower’s financial capability to pay off the loan. You also need to evaluate objectively whether the borrower can honour such a commitment and not leave you to face the lone battle of paying up their dues in case of a default. If you are confident on… Read More »

Becoming a loan guarantor? Know all the rules!

While credit worthiness is one of the major reasons a person is asked for a guarantor, it also does not necessarily mean that the borrower’s credit worthiness is being questioned. However, when you sign on the dotted line and agree to become a guarantor, you are legally bound to pay off the debts if the… Read More »