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6 Credit Card Vows You Must Take

  Your wedding vows were the highlight of the ceremony and you promised to live by them forever. Unfortunately, getting a credit card is a relationship that requires you to take some vows too. Here’s a list of vows one should take for a happy credit card relationship. If managed well, you may easily get… Read More »

A Series of Unfortunate Credit Card Events

Govinda in “Kyunki Main Jhooth Nahi Bolta” and Jim Carrey in “Liar Liar” had a really really hard time because they always lied. Things just went from bad to worse for them. Rajiv had a similar experience with credit cards, all because of his love for spending. Rajiv was employed in a multinational company and… Read More »

Do you have more than one credit card?!

Abhishek had started earning well in his early twenties and decided to acquire 2 or 3 credit cards for his varied needs! He was discouraged by a lot of people because keeping more than one card was considered suicidal due to the additional charges associated with credit cards. However, not everyone realised the fact that… Read More »