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6 Credit Card Vows You Must Take

  Your wedding vows were the highlight of the ceremony and you promised to live by them forever. Unfortunately, getting a credit card is a relationship that requires you to take some vows too. Here’s a list of vows one should take for a happy credit card relationship. If managed well, you may easily get… Read More »

How to Best Use the Interest Free Period on Credit Cards

The ‘interest-free period’ is a very commonly misunderstood concept when it comes to credit cards. Contrary to popular belief, an interest-free period DOES exist! You just need a few pointers. Here’s some help: Apply Now                                        … Read More »

How Do Credit Cards Really Work?

So how do credit cards really work? Feeling stumped? Well, if you’ve ever been inside a casino and played at the roulette table, you already know. You go for it thinking it’s a cool way to burn the moolah, but before you know it, you’re limping all the way to the bank with a bruised… Read More »

Different ways to manage your credit card!

Sachin had been working as a sales executive for a long time when he decided to get a credit card for himself. He loved partying but after a tiring month at work, he usually ran out of cash. This was one of the major reasons why he decided to opt for a credit card. Credit… Read More »

Dangers of credit cards!

The one thing that he forgot was to be educated about the different features this card offered, read the agreement and understand the cost of using each of these features. The card offered a grace period or free credit period of 30 days. Thereafter, it charged 3.5 percent interest on the outstanding amount due. Mr.… Read More »