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Important Personal Loan Factors You Should Consider

When you opt for a Personal Loan you need to understand interest might not be the only component you end up paying. There are a few other fees and charges that need to be factored in. Let’s find out more, shall we? Processing fees It is a fee charged on the loan amount and you… Read More »

Does it benefit to prepay home loan?

Neeraj, a middle class sales and marketing professional based in Pune, purchased a decent abode in a metropolitan by securing a home loan worth Rs. 24 Lakhs from a leading financier. Divided into easy monthly installments, Neeraj was reducing his liability quite comfortably. Being able to increase his bank balance to Rs.8 Lakh, Neeraj found… Read More »

How can you save on home loan interest?!

A decent home in the heart of a metropolitan, equipped with all the standard and luxury amenities, is perhaps the most cherished dream of every individual. There are times when people have to leave their dream behind and move ahead, or at least, put it aside for the time being, in case of a financial… Read More »

Home loans – A primer

Home construction loans are used to finance for the construction of newly acquired home or if you are planning to build a home. But, with so many home construction loans available in the Indian market you should decide the best one that would suit you the most and is favorable to you.

Comparing personal and credit card loans!

  “Congratulations! You are eligible for a personal loans of Rs. 1,00,000/-!” Many of us are receiving this luring SMS alert from banks quite often. No wonder, the moment you face any urgent financial requirements like your children’s higher education, marriage or down payment for a new property, this option comes to your mind. It’s… Read More »

Should you prepay your home loan?

Saving on the net interest is the significant advantage of prepaying the home loan, other than the fact that you will retain the complete ownership of the house earlier than planned. The longer the loan tenure, the more the interest repaid, hence its best to repay your home loan in the shortest loan tenure possible,… Read More »

Strike the right balance with your home loan EMI

Ideally banks offer loan amounts up to a limit of around 50% of your income. This does not mean you should utilize the entire limit available. Keeping EMI repayments within 30-40% of your budget will help you save nearly 30-50% of your income. Money management experts recommend that you should try and save up to… Read More »