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Important Personal Loan Factors You Should Consider

When you opt for a Personal Loan you need to understand interest might not be the only component you end up paying. There are a few other fees and charges that need to be factored in. Let’s find out more, shall we? Processing fees It is a fee charged on the loan amount and you… Read More »

How Your Home Loan Eligibility is Calculated

It was a busy morning for Prakash Chadda, as the month end was nearing. Files were piled up on his desk. Chadda was hunched over a bunch of papers with a magnifying glass held really close to his nose. He was a detective of a special kind. Prakash Chadda was the credit manager of home loans… Read More »

6 Ways to get a Home Loan with a Poor Credit Score

A healthy credit score is the most important factor which decides the extent of home loan you can get. In fact, this would even determine if you are eligible to get a home loan at all or not.  But you could get a home loan despite a poor score. Don’t believe us? Here’s the case… Read More »

Checklist for a Personal Loan!

Personal loan allows you to borrow money for almost all your requirements. You can use the funds for a dream vacation, home renovation, medical treatment, or a wedding in your family. Since a personal loan is given for any lawful purpose, it gives you a helping hand for meeting all your personal desires. Before you… Read More »

Tips on your downpayment!

Try and pay the down payment from your own money, savings or by liquidating some assets. Opting for a personal loan can be a costly affair, as interest rates are very high. If you don’t have enough savings or assets to pay up the money, then its wise to wait and build assets and savings… Read More »