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Right time to start your dream home hunt?

The current evidence of industry reports suggesting home loan interest rates are likely to fall as low as around 8%, like how they were in the year 2004 is fantastic news for aspiring home buyers, who can now have an EMI and loan tenure that allows them to accommodate other priorities in their budget.

RBI insists on banks slashing interest rates!

Time and again RBI has urged banks to rethink their BPLR to encourage lending and allow the train of money rotation to chug along at a peaceful pace. Benchmark Prime Lending Rates (BPLR) is a reference interest rate used by Banks as a benchmark to determine the interest rate passed on to the customer. The… Read More »

Finally, property prices start to slide!

There have been several instances noticed where compromise has been made on the square feet area of the house. For example, balconies have disappeared from floor plan, 1000 sq. ft homes are being converted to 850 or 900 sq. ft. in a bid to make space for more apartments in a block, 544 square feet,… Read More »