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5 Financial Villains Even Your Novice Superhero Faces at the Start

Your friendly neighbourhood caped crusader may be your idol but some of his problems are the same as yours. No savings, high rent, an education loan etc. Don’t believe us?       YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO: Make sure you don’t need saving because of your Education Loan – Education Loan EMI Calculator

Education Loans: Does India Lag Or Lead The West?

When it comes to how education is viewed in the West and in India, the situation in the two regions is about as similar as hawk ‘n geese. (We didn’t say “chalk ‘n cheese” since Indians don’t like cheese much, do they?) So if the role of education in society is so dissimilar in India… Read More »

Education loans and repayment

A recent press report said that the regular payment of education loan will help students to maintain their credit profile. Normally, education loans repayment starts six to twelve months after the completion of the course or after gaining an employment whichever is earlier. The report further said that in case the family income from all… Read More »

The kaduthuruthy Urban Co-Operative Bank Limited- Gold Loan

The kaduthuruthy urban co-operative bank was registered on November 14th 1973 with 323 Members and a share amount of Rs 17900/-as working Capital.  In November 1974 itself the Bank came under the Banking Regulation Act from then onwards the bank’s   deposits   are   having   Insurance   Coverage. The bank was issued license by the RBI on 17.06.1986,… Read More »