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Sweep-in Facility Or Flexi Deposit- Which Is Better?

Banks these days offer a sweep-in facility on your Fixed Deposits which can help you save money. You can also opt to have a flexi deposit option on your Fixed Deposit which combines the features of both fixed and savings accounts. Know which of these will be a better choice for you.

Round up of latest interest rate cuts and deposit rate hikes!

With festival season around the corner, banks have started offering lower interest rates on many of their loan products to boost demand. Some banks have also changed deposit rates to attract customers. Here is a roundup of the latest interest rate cuts and deposit rate changes by leading banks in the country. Changes in interest… Read More »

Deposit Rates are not likely to increase

According to a recent press report, the increase in the Repo Rate may not result in increase in the interest rates for Fixed Deposit. A report said that the banks will revise the interest rates for deposits once the central Bank makes changes in the repo rate. Reports said that the RBI has increased Repo… Read More »