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5 Times Our Celebs Cut Costs When They Shouldn’t Have

Cutting down on costs, expenditure and senseless spending leaves you with beautiful savings and a gorgeous pile of cash you never realized you generated in the first place. It seems some of our stars don’t really get the concept of how and more importantly where to cut down on. So here’s a listing of those celebs cutting down on things they shouldn’t have.

5 Ways To Save While You Spend

Saving is a hard habit to foster and it often feels like no matter how hard you try, there’s just never enough to go around at the end of the month. Spending is inevitable; but what if there was a way you could save while you spend? You can do just that using these 5… Read More »

How Indian and American Savings Differ

Columbus might have confused America for India, but we had more in common with the then Red Indians than we have now with today’s Americans. We’re not referring to the whooping and dancing of course (that’s racist!). Jignesh, a software engineer, moved to the US and found it very tough to adjust to the vast… Read More »

Watch out for these seven money facts!

Whatever your earnings, you can set aside a portion for saving. Simple budgeting, translated as spending lesser than you earn can pave the way to start saving. If you do not think about saving as early as possible you will lose out on significant sums of money at a later stage in life. Needs are… Read More »