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The Impact of Delayed Construction Projects on your Finances

Real estate projects often exceed their completion deadlines, and it may seem like that just adds to the number of months you wait for your house, but it has a much bigger impact than you think. Even a small delay in property possession can jeopardize your financial planning. Here is a look at the multiple… Read More »

The Adventures of the Taxpaying Common Man

Most people probably have a love-hate relationship in their minds with Kim Kardashian. On one hand, she’s always on the media radar, on the other hand, she’s always on the media radar. You probably also have a love-hate relationship with your taxes, on one hand, you never know if the bill at the restaurant fits… Read More »

Initiating a Power of Attorney Could be Your Saviour

Everybody wants to have a superpower and be the saviour for the people, and it would be super cool. Unfortunately, this is not that kind of power but Raman found it useful regardless. Raman was looking to sell off his old property and found a genuine buyer. But at a short notice, Raman was asked… Read More »

6 Golden Goals to Kick-Off Your Financial Planning

Just like each football match requires a strategic plan for each game, so does your financial life. Here are some must have, unavoidable financial goals that should be part of your strategic plan.     YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO: Make sure your investments are lining up with your goals – SIP Calculator

Slowing Indian economy: How Indian Property Investors are Poised to Gain

A slowing economy. A bonanza for property buyers. Contradictory? Not exactly. The Indian GDP fell by 0.5% in the latest quarter and currently is 7% for the quarter ended June 2015. Over the last year, growth has been hovering in the 6.5-8.5% range. On a global canvas, when most economies are tottering and China is choking, ask… Read More »

All you Want to Know about Joint Ownership of Property

Don’t all of us eye the new car with latest features, the coolest mobile to hit the market, that apartment from a prestigious builder that promises an infinity pool and private garden and literally the sky! Yes, times are changing and so are human wants. However, we wish that the resources needed for possessing all… Read More »

How Your Home Loan Eligibility is Calculated

It was a busy morning for Prakash Chadda, as the month end was nearing. Files were piled up on his desk. Chadda was hunched over a bunch of papers with a magnifying glass held really close to his nose. He was a detective of a special kind. Prakash Chadda was the credit manager of home loans… Read More »