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Investing in Equities: Risk or Reward?

  Broccoli soup or Grilled Chicken? Salad or Burgers? You probably did not pick the Broccoli soup but we all know that it’s healthy. When it comes to investments, people have their own preferences with gold, land and FDs, but not many pick equities. Equities are considered risky and some even consider them akin to… Read More »

Are Balanced Funds What you Need to Make Your Investments Fly?

What do skaters, gymnasts (in the air and water), dolphins, birds, dancer and spinning tops have in common? Balance is the key. Wondering what all these things have in common with investments? Here’s how balanced funds are all that you didn’t know you were looking for. What are Balanced Funds? Balanced funds are a good… Read More »

Invest early in your career!

Investing for your retirement may not be the most important thing on your mind when you start your career. For most people, investing may not even be on the priority list when they start their career. When you start your career, your saving capacity may not be much in absolute terms, as your salary itself… Read More »