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6 no’s of credit card usage

With the nation-wide “Swachh Bharat” campaign driving plastic into the wilderness (or the nearest dustbin!), it’s time to take care of another kind of plastic – your credit card. While you can’t just fling it into a dustbin, here’s what you can do to spruce up your credit card usage and clean up your act.… Read More »

How to close a credit card!

Satish Kumar, an animation professional from Mumbai has multiple credit cards that he hardly uses. Chased by credit card sales agents with lucrative offers such as no annual fee Satish ended up owning more than four credit cards, but he uses only one out of them. To his utter surprise Satish got a bill from… Read More »

Have a credit card personality?

  When we talk about credit card usage we find different people managing it in a different way. Some people are highly disciplined and never default on their monthly installments and others are so messy that they are always on the top of the defaulter list. Managing finance is a complex task and it’s very… Read More »