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7 Ways to Murder Your Credit Score

WHO KILLED MY CREDIT SCORE? – This latest murder-mystery by Agatha Christie will have you spell-bound as Hercule Poirot takes on CIBIL to unravel how one man’s poor credit score led to murder and identity theft as part of an intricate bank loan scam. Ok, so credit scores aren’t exactly Agatha Christie material. But if… Read More »

How to close a credit card!

Satish Kumar, an animation professional from Mumbai has multiple credit cards that he hardly uses. Chased by credit card sales agents with lucrative offers such as no annual fee Satish ended up owning more than four credit cards, but he uses only one out of them. To his utter surprise Satish got a bill from… Read More »

How to maintain a good Credit History?

You must be aware of loan and credit card applications getting rejected due to bad credit history or a lesser credit score. But have you ever wondered as to what contributes to building your credit score? What are the ways that can help you in establishing and maintaining a worthy credit report? We always think… Read More »