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Personal loan?! Think twice!

These are some basics that you should know when obtaining a personal loan. These days, securing a loan is easy. Repayment is the tough bit. When you don’t repay on time, the recovery agent may come knocking at your door. When getting a personal loan it is important to ask yourself ‘Will I be able… Read More »

Estimate Mutual Fund Risk

In order to procure a protected financial future, it is very important for you to start saving and start that early. If you are an individual who is browsing through the investment avenues and have opted for Mutual Funds then you have made a very good decision. Opting the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is the… Read More »

How to Calculate Returns of your Mutual Fund

An integral part of financial planning is the regular and periodic evaluation of your investments. This is a golden rule which must be followed by investors at all times, irrespective of whether an investor invests in mutual funds, debt instruments, equities, commodities, or a combination of all these categories. If this is not done, then… Read More »

Don’t Fall In the Trap of New Fund Offerings

As an investor, in order to derive maximum benefits from the market, swear by the golden principle of diversification. Make investments in a range of funds offered by an array of mutual funds houses, that aren’t just limited to your area or region. Although this idea may seem a little wild, do not think twice.… Read More »

Mutual Funds Need to Adhere to the Know Your Client Procedure

The Know Your Client (KYC) procedure is a process comprising the verification of f the name and contact credentials of an individual. It helps in the safety and security of mutual funds as all investors have to complete the required formalities of an authorized KYC service provider before involving in the process of transacting securities… Read More »

More SEBI Support Required for Investor Protection

With the Securities and Exchange Board of India adopting a proactive approach off late so as to ensure investor protection and growth, many market observers feel that more steps have to be taken so as to make the Indian market scene more reliable for exchanges and transactions. While several crucial decisions like regulation of liquid… Read More »

The Gargantuan Choice Between Growth and Dividend Option

Investors are always in a fix when asked to choose between the dividend and growth option of mutual fund schemes. Although both belong to the category of fixed income funds, they both have their advantages and disadvantages which need to be analyzed critically. Several factors need to be taken into consideration before selecting a particular… Read More »

Mutual Funds In Passive Stance?

With the critical decision of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) directing fund houses, to disclose their votes as shareholders of several firms, it has become clear that mutual funds remain inert towards the proposals put forth by companies. With this trend becoming observant in several market leaders like Reliance Mutual Fund and… Read More »

When Asean Markets Are A Better Choice

Investors across the world lack knowledge of the various markets around them. This may be attributed to a home-bias as people are mostly familiar with the functioning of markets in their region, and aren’t savvy enough about the global market scene. As a prudent investor, it is critical to crucially observe the performance of markets… Read More »

Buy Mutual Funds Online – The Smart Way

The mutual fund industry has undergone a massive transformation with the introduction of an option that will enable investors buy mutual funds online. In the face of strict competition by several mutual fund houses, innovation and transformation of conventional market practices are being viewed critically by mutual fund houses in order to attract a large… Read More »