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Prepare Financially Before You Quit Your Job

In today’s world of high salaries and even higher burnout rates, it is not uncommon to find people quitting a formal corporate job by the time they are 40 or 45. That is losing out on a potential 15 to 20 years of regular, reliable income. Is this everyone’s cup of tea? May be, or… Read More »

How Your Home Loan Eligibility is Calculated

It was a busy morning for Prakash Chadda, as the month end was nearing. Files were piled up on his desk. Chadda was hunched over a bunch of papers with a magnifying glass held really close to his nose. He was a detective of a special kind. Prakash Chadda was the credit manager of home loans… Read More »

How to Beat Inflation with Some Solid Financial Planning

Uncle Scrooge from The Duck Tales had a tower full of golden coins just so that he could swim in them. His miserly ways made him rich beyond his dreams, and yet he remained miserly. We’d all love to have enough money to swim in. But, Uncle Scrooge belongs to a much earlier time, and… Read More »

Retired? Invest here for higher returns

As a senior citizen, while safety of capital is of paramount importance, don’t forget to take into account the tax factor. Taxes can actually erode the value of your returns. Also another black hole to watch out for is inflation. Many seniors opt for the security of assured returns and end up finding that the… Read More »

Planning your retirement

As you plan for retirement, your portfolio should consist of a range of instruments (equities, mutual funds, bonds, debentures, property, gold) depending upon your objectives and risk profile. Remember that the older you are when you start to save towards retirement, the harder it becomes. Also, with falling interest rates and increasing volatility in the… Read More »