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How To Open A Post Office Recurring Deposit

If your aim is to invest a small amount on a regular basis while getting a good rate of interest, then opening a Recurring Deposit may be a smart choice. You can open one in a Post Office for as low as Rs. 10! Here’s what you need to know about opening a Recurring Deposit in a Post Office.

Financial Goals To Hit Before The Big Three-Oh!

Turning 30 is an important milestone in everyone’s lives. One way to be ready to meet this milestone is to ensure that you face no trouble financially. There are certain financial goals that you need to pursue much before you blow out the candles on that cake. Here are some financial goals that every individual should accomplish before they turn 30.

Why Lower Rates For Small Savings Are Good News

Senior citizens and other investors, who depend on small savings schemes, have to live with lower interest rates on their investments from April 1, 2016 for the next quarter and maybe even after that. But borrowers can expect good days going forward.

Be Like Lalith!

Lalith was on the lookout for insurance options to secure his family. A Term Life Plan was the perfect solution! In his absence, the Term Life Plan would safeguard his loved ones from trouble financially. Be Like Lalith and secure your family’s future.

Will You be Able To Afford A Cup Of Coffee In 20 Years?

The price of a cup of coffee has grown astronomically over the years, with the promise of increasing even more. Will you be able to afford a cup of coffee in 20 years?

Be Like Surekha!

Surekha wanted to save money on her Life Insurance policy. A Term Plan with a high Sum Assured and low premium was the best option of all. A perfect Term Plan was easy to choose and Surekha got her policy without a minute to lose. Grab your chance to shout eureka! Be like Surekha.

Good Investment Options For Retirement

If you’re a young professional, retirement planning probably isn’t at the top of your mind. However, rising inflation numbers or a slowing or volatile economy could contribute to an increase in living expenses every year. Read on to find out the best ways you can create a financial portfolio that will support your lifestyle without you having to depend on anyone.

How India is Giving Rise to Financial Entrepreneurs: A True Saga

The Great Indian Rope Trick. A cute yet annoying thing we’ve had to hear whenever anyone from across the pond spoke about India in the same breath as “things back home”. You’d think they were talking about the 1900s. Yet, here we are in 2015, doing exactly that. The Great Indian Rope Trick. Only, we’re… Read More »

5 Signs That Financial Planning Is Not Your Cuppa

As an old adage goes – “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Financial planning is as important as brushing your teeth. While one may choose not to do it, in the long run, it may hurt as much as tooth decay would. So, just like you would rush to a dentist at the first… Read More »